Thursday, 13 May 2010

Ding Dong the Bludge is Gone – Fable’s End

In June 2009, we told the tale of how Grand Vizier Bludge schemed to replace the Emperor Blarr by the manipulation of the public assets. Then how, as Emperor Bludge, he created a network of elaborate and wasteful enforcement systems to increase his power. How the public commissioners learned to focus only on their hand outs from Bludge and not on their duty to the people of the land, and of how the fatal consequences were explained away by yet another intellectually corrupt argument.

In our November foot note, we were reminded of how the myth of the Emperor Bludge’s self advertised economic expertise was based on the deliberate use of a private language and logic set which he said only he could understand. We have a shorthand phrase for that – you know it well – “Bullsh*t Baffles Brains”. But so many fell for it.

At last, the people of the land have spoken. They have cast out Bludge, his sinister familiar Mandelbritt (the master of twists upon twists into infinity), and all his satraps. They have suspended the Emperorship and brought in The Most Heavenly Conjoined Cleggeron, a new and alien species not seen in the land for over 50 years.

We commended you all to be ready to clear out the Bludged Up thinking from your business, and from public life. Well, the time is now, the opportunity is here, now.

We repeat our questions for you at this moment of maximum opportunity.

§ Are you really thinking clearly?

§ Are you really thinking hard about how you want your business world to be, and how your company will need to be within it, now the new administration is here?

§ Can you spell out what you want this new government to bring to you and your organisation so that you can make sure you get it?

§ Don't forget that to wait will be to be too late. Do it to them before they do it to you!

Can the Comparative Competitive Strength point of view assist you to achieve the clarity of purpose and the incisiveness of argument that is needed, now more than ever?

You want to know more? We are here.

We add a further question -

Now you can cast aside what we described as the misleading miasma of Bludged up thinking that permeated, complicated, delayed and diluted the interface between business and government

Our economic and political world has changed, fundamentally –

Man's mind, stretched by a new idea, never goes back to its original dimensions.

(Oliver Wendell Holmes)

Are you ready and able to think and act completely differently? Is your business truly flexible, fleet and fighting fit?

Can Coaching for Change assist you to achieve the direction, the innovation, the courage, the determination and to maintain the focus that is needed, now more than ever?

You want to know more? We are here.

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